McDonald's Avatarize Yourself

7.8 Million Users in 2 Months

6:42 Average Engagement Time

34% of Traffic Generated by Application (Viral)

Utilizing cutting-edge 3d photo-morphing technology, "Avatarize Yourself" invited viewers to upload a head shot-or select one from Facebook-in order to instantly transform it into a believable rendition of a personalized Na'vi. Users could choose their gender and their background, and add a message.

The application was available in seven languages, and users from as many as 198 countries were able to participate.

Virality was instant and overwhelming with almost every direct visitor generating an earned user by sharing the application.

The campaign inspired a number of user-run blogs and Facebook Fan Pages. Social networks were flooded with images of Avatarized users and celebrities.

Despite minimal branding, the word "McDonald's" was one of the most commonly used in social media posts about "Avatarize Yourself."